Xero keeps getting better offering several products and modifications to its software. Regardless of whether you use your desktop or mobile device, Xero can help you get your job done.

Here are a few of the latest Xero feature releases

Split-screen multitasking with Xero on your iPad

Are you using an iPad? Do more by viewing Xero in split screen mode. If you’re needing help, work on one of the screen, whilst you access Xero help on the other. You can take it further by looking for a Xero advisor on the other screen. Even better, call your accountant or advisor. Need to access your email? You can do so without exiting the Xero screen. You can also enter a receipt straight from your email this way.

Here’s a video on using the split-screen on iPad.

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Statement of Cash flow

Whilst the profit and loss statement shows if you’ve made a profit or not, it sometimes reflect numbers that have yet to be realised or are not in monetary form i.e. depreciation. This is where cashflow comes in. Cashflow is only concerned with money going in or out the business. Xero divides the cashflow statement into three main groups that make it easier for you to understand. These groups are.

  • Cashflow from Operating Activities – cash that goes in or out as a result of operating the business like customer receipts, suppliers and wages.
  • Cashflow from Investing Activities – money that includes the purchase or sale of assets, or any other investments the business has made.
  • Cashflow from Financing Activities – are loan repayments, or loans you’ve received from a lender. It also includes any money put in or taken out by the owners.

Having a statement of cashflow gives you an overview of how money flows through your business – essential in business decision making.

Global Search in Xero

The search function in Xero isn’t just for finding transactions and contacts. The search function in Xero allows you to go to where you want in Xero in a couple of strokes instead of using the menus. To start a search from the keyboard, you can tap the forward slash “/”.

You can filter specific types of transaction to further enhance your searching. If you want to move from anywhere to contact pages. Just hit forward slash “/” then press the letter “c” and press “Enter”. You are right away in the contacts page. To go to bills, press forward slash “/” then press letter “b” and press “Enter” and you’ll be taken to the bills page. Here are all the keyboard shortcuts in Xero.


Search does more than look for something. You can also create new transaction and contact instantly using the search bar.

Here’s a video on how the search bar helps you do things in Xero from one place.

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Invoice Reminders in Xero for Sales invoices

Have you spent more time chasing invoices from customers than running your business? As cashflow is king for small businesses, that wouldn’t be a surprise. You need the money to operate and pay your employees. With Xero, you no longer have to send invoice reminders to the customers – Xero automatically does that for you. It’s as easy as typing an email, setting the date and it will work by itself. You can adjust how many days in between your emails your follow-up would be depending on your business practice. If you have customers you don’t wish to receive these automatic invoices, you can do that to. You’ll have full control of when and how your invoice reminders would be sent.

Watch this video for more info.

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Two Step Authentication for Xero (Banking)

Security is an issue Xero is taking serious note off. Two step authentication provides just that, an added layer to security. This way, the risks of someone else gaining access to your accounts are reduce. Malware and phishing attacks have become much more prevalent. The two step authentication process works by.

  1. First, asking for your email and password
  2. Second, entering a unique 6 digit code from the Google Authenticator app on your phone.

As Xero is filled with millions of financial data, this is one of the steps taken by the software company to increase security.

Xero on Apple Watch

Xero has an app compatible with the Apple Watch that shows the most convenient way to stay on top of your cashflow. It also features banking notifications that tells you when transaction have arrives while also updating your balance.

You can visit xero.com/mobile to learn more.

Xero also has the 3D Touch App which lets you add receipts and create invoices quickly.


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Stacey Carmody

Stacey Carmody

Stacey runs the day to day operations of Evolve and personally oversees all client accounts and staff management. Stacey has worked in her own family business as well as larger businesses and Government. She has had exposure to a wide variety of industries and understands the stresses of running a business. She happily shares her expertise with Evolve clients to help managing their business just that little easier.

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