If you are asking the question above, that’s alright. A lot of people do. The term “in the cloud” is relatively new but it’s starting to become an old cliché. Let’s clear some things up.

Yeah, clear it up. So what exactly is cloud?

Usually, we have data storage devices in our machines – we refer to it as simply, the hard drive. For as long as the hard drive is in your machine, you can save, edit, send and do what you want with your data. Without access to that hard drive physically, you have no access to your data.

The cloud is the term used to refer to data stored in a server (think large hard drives) accessible wherever you go. The moment you access data not attached to the storage of your machine, you are already in the cloud.

For example, a document created through Google docs is cloud based. Just open you email address, access your Google drive and you have access to the document. It doesn’t matter if you use the same machine or not.

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing takes your data to the next step, not only is it storing data, it is processing your data. One simple example we know too well, bookkeeping.

With cloud based or online bookkeeping, you send copies of your invoices, receipts and other data to the cloud and with a few clicks, it’s going to get processed either by you or by a service provider. Data then, becomes valuable information which you can use any way you want to, for compliance purposes, business information etc.

With cloud computing, you turn data into valuable information.

Myths about the cloud computing.

Sheesh, that sounds expensive.

Simple answer is no. Using the cloud clears organisations with having to deal with:

  • the physical requirements of having machines
  • making room for machines
  • buying software
  • making sure software are compatible with each other
  • upgrades, and a whole lot other laundry list of issues.

In the end, you’re paying each of the above just to get one thing done.

Why would I pay for cloud, internet and cloud are the same thing?

Well, you need internet to get into the cloud, I’ll give you that. However, the internet is just a connection. Unless you do something with it, it’s not going to give anything back to you.

It’s not safe, I want my data to be secured.

And you’re physical storage is not prone to being corrupt, be inflicted with virus? Worst, stolen. Then everything you have are all gone. Poof. Even big companies use the cloud to back up their data. Physical storages have life spans too, you just won’t know when they’ll break down.

You also have more control of your data. You can access it everywhere and share it (securedly) with other people.

I’m using Windows, looks like that’s an Apple product.

In all fairness to Apple, they’ve gained quite a reputation for it. They have a service called iCloud – which uses cloud technology but they are NOT (along with “the internet”) the cloud. As mentioned, most cloud services don’t care what operating systems you use, nor if it’s a tablet, desktop or even your phone.

I’m not much into tech, sure seems like stuff for the tech inclined.

If you are reading this now, it means you are able to access a computer enough to do cloud. Matter of fact, it makes things easier for everyone. You no longer have to worry about computability issues or those technical stuffs, you just log on and that’s it. You’re in the cloud.

The hesitation of people in using cloud are valid. We’re here to inform and show that it is not scary, not expensive and definitely beneficial to businesses, big, small, modern, old, it doesn’t matter. There is always a space for you in the cloud.

Tanya Munro

Tanya Munro

Tanya assists with marketing of Evolve, and the smooth running of all IT operations within the business. She’ll help set up the systems to support our clients, and ensures everything syncs for our team and our clients.

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