Xero is a wonderful accounting app that helps small and medium business to manage their bookkeeping easier. Xero also has a plethora of add-ons that can extend its functionality and helps businesses to facilitate processes easier.

Add-ons are apps or software that integrates with Xero in a number of ways. From billing, inventory, time keeping, invoicing, payroll etc.

So which works best? Here are our top 5 Xero add-ons.


Receipt Bank

Receipt bank eliminates the need for data entry. Receipt Bank can extract the necessary information from your bills, invoices and receipts. These data can be used directly to Xero. This could potentially save you a lot of time and money.

With 5 star reviews, it is the most popular bills & expenses add-on in the Xero Marketplace.

Click here to learn more about Receipt Bank.



If you are employing a couple of staff, Deputy is one of the more important apps that you should try out with Xero. It helps in employee scheduling, time and attendance. It syncs with Xero which means you only need to fill in the data for Xero, and the enableHR API takes care of the rest.  You can manage absence or leave and even help manage your payroll.

We have an extensive view of Deputy which you can read here (this links to the other article).



Kounta is a really simple inventory management and POS system which is simple to run from an Ipad.  It’s a fully featured front-end register with an intuitive easy to use interface.  It can process credit cards and mobile payments like Paypal, and its inventory management has things like low-stock alerts, ingredient tracking, and integrated purchase ordering.

Click here to learn more about Kounta


Debtor Daddy

Debt collection can sometimes be time waster. Instead of doing what you ought to do for the day, you’ll end up having to chase customers for money they owe you here and there. Debtor Daddy is a simple, set & forget credit control for your business. This allows you to have your time back and do the things that are important to grow your business.

Click here to learn more about Debtor Daddy.


Workflow Max

If your business is job / schedule based, then Workflow Max can help you manage your quotes, time sheets, jobs, and a lot more. Using Workflow Max gives you an end-to-end business solution to run your business from quoting your client, charging your client to analysing your margins on each job.

Click here to learn more about Workflow Max.


Have you been using Xero as well? What are your favourite add-ons? Comment below and let us know so that other business owners can check them out as well.

Tanya Munro

Tanya Munro

Tanya assists with marketing of Evolve, and the smooth running of all IT operations within the business. She’ll help set up the systems to support our clients, and ensures everything syncs for our team and our clients.

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