It’s truly a cashless world we live in nowadays, and technology is making it even easier to get paid using mobile devices.

A new tiny chip reader is taking the market by storm because of its size flexibility and contactless nature.

The Square Contactless “tap and go” card reader enables any business to take payments from contactless (chip enabled) cards, and devices with Apple and Android Pay.

Transactions take just seconds, via a tap and go method, or customers can insert their cards.

A Mag-stripe reader which connects to your mobile device is also included to take more “old school” payments from non-chip enabled cards.

For just $59, you can be on your way to mobile payments. There’s even models which are counter-based for businesses who don’t require mobility.

Here’s the fine print:  upfront price $59 for the mobile reader, and you get the plug in mag-stripe reader as a bonus. Square do all the work and charge 1.9% per transaction for Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Debit Cards, and payments from your transactions are made next business day into your account. There are no monthly fees, no contracts. Simple!

Of course, business owners need to compare and make an informed decision on whether this is right for your circumstances.  So see how it compares size-wise to your current device, and compare the merchant fees before making any rash decisions.

More information and a video on the technology is available on this site.

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Tanya Munro

Tanya Munro

Tanya assists with marketing of Evolve, and the smooth running of all IT operations within the business. She’ll help set up the systems to support our clients, and ensures everything syncs for our team and our clients.

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