Some business owners prefer that they handle their bookkeeping duties. When starting out, that’s actually a good practice as you know firsthand where your money goes. But as you grow, or if you’ve acquired a business which has been operating for a couple of years already with multiple vendors, suppliers and creditors, it may become impractical.

Without a focused bookkeeper, your business may provide numerous errors to your accountants. This can lead into increased accounting bills to correct the mistakes and faulty financial statements. The first one is an expense issue, the latter may cause you your business. Why? Because you make decisions referencing your financial statements. Can you finance additional assets? How will the cash flow be impacted by the added cost? Having up to date financials is imperative when making such important business decisions.

What does a bookkeeper do?

A bookkeeper’s job description is to process your business’ transactions. They take care of payroll, bill payment, monthly expenses and generally any other admin type tasks. They are expected to provide accurate and efficient recording of accounts within a business’ general ledger.

Benefits of Bookkeeping

By hiring a bookkeeper or subscribing to a bookkeeping service like Evolve, it frees up your time to concentrate on your business. Most business owners don’t have enough time to manage books properly, nor should they. Owners have so many different tasks to focus on which are vital to the running and success of the business – like customer satisfaction, building relationships and revenue growth.

Businesses place a lot of trust in their bookkeepers to get things done correctly. The benefit with having Evolve manage your books is our QA process – we not only have qualified accountants doing your bookkeeping, but a Senior Accountant reviews the work regularly to ensure its accuracy.

Subscribing to a bookkeeping service isn’t costly. The advent of online accounting software means you no longer have to hire an in-house bookkeeper or have dedicated systems and installed software, so the overheads are greatly reduced. Business Bookkeeping with Evolve starts from as little as $100 per week – far less than an inhouse bookkeeper.

To get started on your business bookkeeping, you can sign-up to one of our great offers. The first month of your bookkeeping is on us, if you’re on MYOB and want to convert into Xero, we can take care of that too. For more information, click here or call us today at 5419-9393.

Jodie Thompson

Jodie Thompson

Jodie is a qualified CPA and company director having managed her own accounting and advisory firm for over 10 years. Jodie’s experience in establishing and growing businesses is second to none and her hands on approach and technical expertise is valued by our team and our clients alike.

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