Want to save time paying bills and wages? Xero can help you do this.  When paying your bills and wages, you can download a file with all the payment information and upload it to your internet banking for payment.  This saves you from having to re-enter all information for a second time, saving you from potential mistake and saving you time.  We guarantee that once you have tried this, you will love it and never do it the long way again!

When paying wages, after you post your pay run, you can choose to download the ABA file.  Once downloaded, log into your internet banking and upload the file.  You may need business internet banking for this, but if you are unsure, just contact your bank.


When paying bills, you can do batch payments to bundle one or more bills together in one transaction for payment.

How to Create a Batch Payment

  1. Go to Accounts > Purchases.
  2. Click the Awaiting Payment panel.
  3. Check the box next to each bill you want to include in the batch payment.
  4. Do not include payroll bills in batch payments. To create an ABA file for a payroll bill you must download it from the pay run
  5. Click Batch Payment.


  1. Click OK.
  2. Select your payment date, bank account, and enter details
  3. Click Make Payments.

After you create a batch payment

When you create a batch payment, it will:

  • Move each invoice to the Purchases > Paid tab
  • (If the payment was made from a bank account) Create a payment transaction of Payment: multiple items under Bank Accounts
  • Not import the file to your bank account. Export the file and upload it to your bank account.

After you’ve created a batch payment, you can:

  1. Email a remittance advice PDF to let your contacts know you’ve paid them.To do so, either click:
        • Send Remittance Advice if you’ve made a single payment, or


      • Send Remittance if you’ve made a batch payment.


        • On the next window, enter all the information to the required fields.



        • Click send when done.


  2. Export the payment file and upload it to your bank to pay the bills in the batch.

To export your batch file,

  • Go to Accounts > Bank Accounts.
  • Click the name of the bank account you made the batch payment from
  • Open the batch payment.
  • Your batch payment is either named Payment: Multiple items or Payment: Name/Organisation (for one payment in the batch).
  • Click Export Batch File to download the batch payment file.

Importing your saved batch file to your bank

Importing saved batch file to your bank may vary. If your bank offers the option to process batch files in either single statement line or multiple lines, choose the single statement line.

It’s also important that you do not change the file format and the data in the file.

If all of this is unclear, contact your Evolve consultant and we’ll be happy to talk you through what’s required.

Stacey Carmody

Stacey Carmody

Stacey runs the day to day operations of Evolve and personally oversees all client accounts and staff management. Stacey has worked in her own family business as well as larger businesses and Government. She has had exposure to a wide variety of industries and understands the stresses of running a business. She happily shares her expertise with Evolve clients to help managing their business just that little easier.

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