Security Upgrade to improve our systems and data protection

Evolve Online Bookkeeping continues to improve its security for our team and our clients.  In 2018 we have undergone further important security improvements, to better protect our client data whilst ensuring the productivity of our team is not impacted.    Here is a snapshot of how we protect our clients data security.

Step 1:   High Level SPAM Filtration

All incoming and outgoing emails from Evolve are processed through a high level SPAM filter.  This ensures the majority of spam / fake emails including phishing emails or those with malware, spyware and viruses are automatically detected and removed before hitting our mailboxes.  This system is continually evolving and improving, so as email attacks become more clever, so do the tools we use to protect our data.

Step 2:   Physical Data Security

The physical security of our offices and team has always been a critical step in our data protection efforts.  For those of the Evolve Bookkeeping team who work from secured offices within the northern Philippines, access to their office is via fingerprint scanner.  Our team work on encrypted hard drives in a secure network, and can only use their logins on their assigned computers.  Not even mobile phones are permitted within their facility.

Step 3:  Single Sign On Implementation

In early 2018 Evolve implemented a change in the way we access your data.  Single Sign On technology through Centrify, allows our team one single login to be able to access the work and client applications they need, without having visibility of any stored logins or passwords.

The single sign on application will only allow team members to access their dashboard from within our secure offices, and from the select IP range / single internet connection within our offices.

This means any access you have provided to our team in order to download data on your behalf (for example, logins to Telco’s, electricity and other suppliers to download your invoices) is set up by our head office, so our team don’t at any time have access to your credentials.   If at any time your credentials change, it’s important you let our Australian management team know so we can update these credentials within Centrify and keep your bookkeeper connected to the information they need.  At no time should you share your credentials with anyone other than Senior Management at Evolve’s head office.   This ensures your credentials are protected.

Step 4:  Federation

In mid 2018 Evolve further strengthened the application security by introducing SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language) which merges our team’s desktop and online applications into one secure 2-step sign on process.

This additional layer of security helps protect our team and your data from brute-force attacks often deployed by email.

Our client and team mailboxes will no longer be secured by usernames and passwords, but encrypted keys within our IT system.   Any attempt by hackers to access your evolve mailbox will be secured through additional authentication processes by our IT Team at our head office, making it that much more difficult to gain access.     If you’d like to understand more of the technical information around SAML please click here.

We’re seeing increasingly clever hacking attempts via email, and the need to be vigilant with our online security is key to ensuring our client and internal data remains secure.  Your involvement in ensuring your email and system security is part of this important process.

Working in partnership with our clients is the best approach to ensuring we give you a good service, whilst maintaining optimum data security processes.   If you’d like to know more, or have concerns at any time regarding the online security of your data, please reach out to our team.

Tanya Munro

Tanya Munro

Tanya assists with marketing of Evolve, and the smooth running of all IT operations within the business. She’ll help set up the systems to support our clients, and ensures everything syncs for our team and our clients.

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